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Amazon #1 Best Selling Author – “Love Sells: How To Get Every Home Buyer To Fall In Love With Your House”

Love Sells Amazon #1 Best Selling Real Estate Book

Love Sells Amazon #1 Best Selling Real Estate Book

In 2012, Karen wrote & published “Love Sells, How to get every home buyer to fall in love with your house“, quickly becoming an Amazon #1 Best Selling book.

Taken from the Introduction:

There are 3 things that must happen for your home to sell in the shortest amount of time for the most amount of money.
And while, yes, price can sell a house, do you really want it to?  Or would you prefer to sell yours for what it is worth?

Your 3 keys to home selling success:

1)  It must be marketed effectively, consistently and to the right customer

2)  Brake-Stopping Curb Appeal should capture the prospects attention and simply compel them to want to see this property

3)   Captivating and Interactive home staging for the specific buyer with of course, touches of LOVE.
Life is not fair.  We have experienced that and now the real estate market, the economy and the world  is proving it to us.

No matter how great your home is, chances are it won’t sell fast.

So how do you really sell your home in today’s real estate market?  You have to have all the parts and pieces in place to make sure
that it appeals to exactly the right buyer at the right time.  You have to be willing to go above and beyond the call of duty in order to
get it sold and mostly you have to be tenacious.

Karen Schaefer How to Sell A Home

Karen Schaefer How to Sell A Home

This book is for all those people who want to sell, need to sell or will be selling in the future. It’s also for real estate agents that really do
want to help their clients  buy and sell  in today’s market and real estate investors who are looking to transact their properties in the
shortest amount of time, utilizing the best exit strategy and securing the most amount of bottom line profit.

If you are looking for some real estate fairy dust that you can sprinkle on your home to make it sell without any work on your part, then I will
tell you that you chose the wrong book.

However, if you are ready to sell, ready to put in a little elbow grease and hear what it really takes to get you home sold, and possibly be
slightly offended with the cold hard ‘tough love’ truth in the process, then congratulations, you chose well!

C’mon, let’s get that house sold!