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Steps for Cleaning Your Home When Preparing to Sell in Colorado Springs and Woodland Park

The first thing you always want to do when getting ready to sell your house is to make sure the entire home is clean within an inch of its life. Clean every single part of the entire house. Most of the time, because we’re used to living in our own dirt and with our own stuff, we don’t realize that things aren’t clean; we don’t realize that we haven’t cleaned light fixtures, baseboards or heating vents. We’ve just lived with it for so long that we don’t see it. There is a checklist in my book “LoveSells”, on every single item that needs to be cleaned throughout your house prior to putting it on the market. This includes things that people can see but also things they can’t see, especially in a buyer’s market.

Stand in each room and take a look at every feature of the room;

Walls                                 Paint                               Furniture

Ceilings                            Curtains/Blinds             Decor

Lights                                Curtain Rods                Vents

Light Fixtures                   Flooring                         Special Features

Switch Plates                    Windows                         Media

Baseboards                       Window Sills                  Plants


house-cleaningLook at each item and stand back and evaluate it.  Ask yourself this question; If I saw this in a store would I love it or be put off by its dirt, color, condition or style?  Depending upon your answer you will now know whether or not you need to address the items or areas.

Remember you are not trying to evaluate it based on taste, you or your buyers, but rather on whether or not it is appropriate for the selling goals you have for your home. If you are not sure whether or not you are being objective, find someone who is and brace yourself for tough love.

Hot Tips on getting every home buyer to fall in love with your house

  • Clean your home like you are up for the ‘cleanest home of the year’ award
  • Stand back and evaluate all features and areas of the home
  • Don’t evaluate based on taste


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