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The Speaker: Karen Schaefer has spoken to hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. Her ability to engage, interact and entertain while imparting a vital message is second to none.

She will have you laughing, crying and transforming your business in the blink of an eye.  You will never again look at real estate in the same way!

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Karen’s topics include:

1) The 5 steps to selling your home or listing in 21 days or less

  • What does the property really need to look like in order to get it sold in 21 days or less
  • The best way to get the most ‘Bang for your Buck’ and make your clients dollar stretch the farthest
  • Tough talk for the seller. If they really want to sell, this is what they really need to do
  • Staging to sell in the shortest amount of time for the most amount of money
  • Target marketing to speak directly to the right buyer

2) Staging to Sell for Vacant and Distressed Properties

  • Staging to sell vacant and distressed properties in 30 minutes or less with items you have in your basement.

3) How to get 300 People at your Next Open House Event

  • Instead of saying “Open houses don’t work” learn to ‘work’ an open house and sell your listing in 1-2 weekends
  • Let the community help to promote and sell the listing for you
  • Getting Press for FREE (including being the featured story on the nightly news) in order to showcase your listing while doing something good for the community
  • Having local celebrities come to your Open House
  • Co-op with local businesses and let them pay for your marketing


The Business Woman: Over the years, Karen has broken new ground in the real estate, investing and home staging industries. She has personally transacted over $10,000,000 in investment properties, transformed a local home staging business from one small market into a global home staging training business, serving clients and training certified home stagers in 14 countries and attracted over 27,000 followers. She has developed over 8 training programs with 5 levels of certification.

The Author: Karen is the author of the Best Selling Book: Love Sells: How To Get Every Home Buyer To Fall In Love With Your House! She has authored multiple books, training manuals, webinars, live trainings, and audio programs on real estate, home staging, open house events, curb appeal, business building and marketing. She will soon be releasing a new title: How To Pay Your Entire Years Mortgage In Just 4 Weeks – A Home Owners Guide To Starting, Building and Running a Successful Vacation Rental Business.

The Celebrity:  Having been a professional actor, spokesperson and speaker for nearly 10 years, Karen has been fortunate enough to have met, befriended and mingled with some top talent, and be recognized as one herself. She has shared the stage with Millionaire Maker Dan Kennedy, Real Estate Guru’s Ron Le Grand, Bill Bronchick, George Ross (The Apprentice), Marketing and Business genius’ Bill Bartman, and Gene Simmons, along with many others. Additionally, Karen has been featured in national print magazines, voice-overs, commercials, as well as having acted in major motion pictures along side Bruce Willis, Sarah Jessica Parker, and James Woods.  Ms. Schaefer has also been the featured speaker for Maytag, Jenn-Air, Amana and multiple Fortune 500 companies across the globe. She had the most fun as a featured guest along with Mark Devine and Gordon Jump (The original Lonely Maytag Man) on HGTV.

You can also see Karen featured and quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Land and Homes, The Calgary Sun, The San Francisco Chronicle, RIS Media, MORE.com and many others.

The Philanthropist– Wren Treloar, Karen’s pen name for her children’s book series, Phoebee Fleabee, has been writing for years! Currently she is in the final stages of the full series about a bumble bee whose stripes go the other way and has long flea legs! The first book in her series is to be released online at no charge for Christmas Day. Wren’s mission is to eliminate prejudice from our world for our future generations to come! Join in the movement: www.LuvMyStripes.com

***Wren is also available for select speaking engagements to discuss the topic of her children’s book series.

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